Kraft Paper

Sack Kraft Paper is a porous kraft paper with high elasticity and high tear resistance, designed for packaging products with high demand for strength and durability.

Market scenario - Europe, Canada, India, Japan, USA.

Normal Kraft paper is strong and relatively coarse. It has high tensile strength. The grammage is normally from 40-135 g/m2.

Kraft Paper; deriving its name from the German word for strong, it is a sturdy machine-made paper that is created using wood pulp. The finished product can be used in a number of different applications, ranging from wrapping meat at the butcher shop to paper grocery bags. Using a process that involves pulverizing the wood pulp and blending the material into large sheet of strong brown wood filaments.

Kraft paper is an expensive option when it comes to paper products. While the natural paper is brown in appearance, it is possible to bleach the product and create a range of shades between the natural brown and pure white. The method used to make it, called the kraft process, includes the use of sulfate in the consistency of the wood pulp, which also helps to add to the overall strength of the finishing paper.

Kraft paper can be utilized for many different purpose. One of the most common uses of the plain brown paper is in the manufacture of paper bags for use in grocery stores.

Their solid construction makes the bags ideal for use with all sorts of grocery items. While many grocers have switched to the use of plastic bags, many supermarket chains continue to offer customers the option of receiving their purchases in bags made from paper.